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International Ceramic Biennale to Launch in G...   Sep.24,11
International Homestay Conference   Aug.24,11
World Taekwondo Culture Expo   Jun.11,11
Welcome to Korea !!! My house is located Gangnam area. Clean&comfortable home
Sook-Hee Moon(Jessica)(Family), Seoul , Korea
3 room(s), Double Bed, 4-5 persons guest(s)
Aria house
Veronica Jang(Family), Seoul , Korea
2 room(s), Double Bed, 2-3 persons guest(s)
Welcome to our home!
Sungho Han(Family), Seoul , Korea
5 over room(s), Oriental(Ondol), 10 Over guest(s)
Here is near Seoul and also near Korean Folk Village!
Cara Yoo(Female), Keong-gi Do , Korea
2 room(s), Oriental(Ondol), 2-3 persons guest(s)
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Temple stay
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