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1. How to join us

- For a full membership or a free membership you need to fill out an application form provided after you click Full membership(subscribe) on the first page in this site for a full membership or click Free membership for a free membership!

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2. How to use our list

I. General Part

Put your ID and Password and click "SIGN IN" button in the main page. If you do not have ID and Password, please join us first.

You can hit the main menu-bar on the top to have access to each homestay or homestay-related category. Main categories have sub-directories covering each business section. Make selection of a business section, which you are interested with.

Each business section has its unique bulletin board so you can see all the lists and post your writing or any other relevant one on your own.

II. Special Part

If you are in charge of recruiting ESL teachers in your company, school, institution or college, you can find a right person who suits your position on-line, not to speak of off-line. In the other way, if you seek for a position as an ESL teacher, you can be placed into a right position which gives you a good offer via gohomestay.com.

You can learn English overseas by filling in an application form in gohomestay.com. SN Global Co. Ltd is an exclusive agent of the Waterford college in Canada and act as an agent for AICL, ACT, Milton college in Australia as well.

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