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NO : 153 Date : Mar/29/04 14:29
Name : gohmestay/ E-mail : <Kukak@ncktpa.go.kr>
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The National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts(NCKTPA) will offer classes for foreigners living in Korea to help them better understand aesthetic beauty and cultural tradition through experiencing the Korean Music & Dance on site!

The program starts on Mar. 20 and will be held every Saturday(10am-12am) until Jun. 5, on which day the participants will be presenting what they have learned and watching congratulatory performances presented by the performers of NCKTPA. It offers six courses on traditional music & dance.

The entire program will be conducted in both English and Korean by the performers affiliated with the center. The organizer will provide the musical instruments and other materials necessary for the lesson except for Danso and dance shoes.

¤· Duration : March 20-June 5, Every Saturday
¤· Time : 10:00-12:00am
¤· Venue : Umyeon-dang(small theater) and Training center in NCKTPA
¤· Participation fee : 30,000 (pay to manager on the first day)
¤· Language : Korean, English
¤· Classes and No. of participants:

- Danso(bamboo flute) - 20
- Mask Dance - 10
- Minyo(folk song) - 10
- Gayageum(12 stringed zither) - 20
- Janggu(hourglass shaped drum) - FULL
- Samullori(percussion ensemble)** - 20
**Samullori class is for previous janggu participants or those with basic janggu skill.

Please find below application form and return it by e-mail or fax no later than Mar. 17. Applicants will be participating in the opening ceremony on the first day at Umyeon-dang(small theater) at 10am on Mar. 20.

2004 Autumn session starts on September 11. Specific schedule will be announced on this site.

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