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NO : 154 Date : Apr/06/04 09:28
Name : gohmestay/ E-mail : <info@gohomestay.com>
Subject : Jeonju International Film Festival 2004
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Jeonju International Film Festival 2004
Apr. 25 ~ May 4 2004
Freedom, Indelendence, Communication

Since cinematograph was first introduced by Lumiere brothers, replacing Edisons kinetoscope, the history of cinema had written a whole new chapter. That seeing a film no longer remains to be an exclusive property for certain individuals, for it is to share the cinematic experience together. Aiming to put such sense of community into practice based on the theme of Freedom, Independence, Communication, Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) begins its 4th edition with the premiere of .
is a special ominibus presentation that draws a critical look at various cases of human rights violation in Korea. The feature consists of six shorts: by YEO Kyun-dong, thirteen episodes of which follow the day of a real paralytic actor KIM Moon-joo; by JEONG Jae-eun in which to raise a (controversial) question as to the human rights of sex offenders; by PARK Kwang-su revisiting Dont judge the book by its cover!; by YIM Soon-rye on the widespread discrimination against women; by PARK jin-pyo bringing the current case of abusing children in the name of their education; and on the human rights of many low-waged foreign workers in Korea by looking at the real case of Nepalese woman Chandra.
is not only to critically ask what must be done for each member of our society to live well together, but also to inquire the constructive social role of cinema in relation to making freedom, independence, and communication, genuine and possible.
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