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NO : 155 Date : Apr/09/04 19:08
Name : gohmestay/ E-mail : <info@gohomestay.com>
Subject : Reenactment of Royal Wedding Ceremony
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- Reenactment of Royal Wedding Ceremony of King Gojong and Queen Consort Myeongseong

Visit Unhyeongung palace and you can witness the wedding of the century between King Gojong and Queen Consort Myeongseong, which is reenacted 2~3 times a year. During the Joseon Dynasty, manners and decorum of the royal wedding ceremonies were strictly regulated according to state law. When a Crown Prince reached the marriageable age, a regulation for the royal marriage was declared, forbidding all marital matters among the people until the first of three steps for selecting the Crown Princess was completed. Even royal members had to follow the traditional Korean custom where a bridegroom should go to the house of his bride to bring her home after the wedding ceremony. And the secondary or detached palace was taken as the venue for the ceremony in place of the relatively small private residence of the bride's family. The royal marriage between the King Gojong and Queen Consort Myeongseong was held at the Unhyeongung palace.

   Date : April 17, 2004  
   Venue : Unhyeongung
   Time : 13:00~15:30
   Details : Bride Selecting Ceremony, Wedding Ceremony.

   Tickets : Free(only for reenactment hours)
   Organizer : Yemunkwan Tel : 82-2-737-6444
               Unhyeongung Palace Tel. 82-2-765-4026
   For more Info. : Seoul Metropolitan Government 82-2-3707-9431~6
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