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NO : 156 Date : Apr/13/04 10:24
Name : gohomestay/ E-mail : <info@gohomestay.com>
Subject : Temple life program in Jogyesa
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Jogyesa, a temple and global community of international culture, is located in the heart of Jongno, Seoul. Though it has modern features it is a historical site revealing the past and present of Korean Buddhism.
Jogyesa has become a significant site of prayer and practice for Buddhists, and is a place where Seoul citizens can relax.
Tourists who are interested in Korean Buddhism or who want to look around the temple are welcome.

Jogyesa hosts "Temple Life Experience" program which is offered to anyone who want to experience Korea's traditional temple life. Individuals can sign up for a regular program and a group of 6 people or more can sign up for a selective program.
Korean Buddhism has been the spiritual refuge for Korean people for 1,700 years. We invite you to the Temple Life Program, through which your state of mind might be observed and the real taste of Korea's traditional culture could be experienced.

    Date : Once every Month from March to November  
   Venue : Jogyesa
   Details : -Tea Ceremony-
             -Zen or Meditation-
             -Balwu Gongyang, or Four-bowl meals-
             -Scripture Printing-
             -Lotus Lantern Making-
   Tickets : 20,000 won
   Organizer : Jogyesa
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