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NO : 158 Date : Apr/26/04 11:14
Name : gohomestay/ E-mail : <info@gohomestay.com>
Subject : The Enthronement Ceremony of King Sejong
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This event is a reenactment of the Enthronement Ceremony of King Sejong, who succeeded to the throne after his father, King Taejong, abdicated the throne. He produced countless achievements that paved the way for the nation's prosperity. He ordered various books to be written, promoted the development of agriculture and science, organized medicine and music and the legislative system, and expanded the nation's territory. The celebration ceremony of the royal enthronement, and the announcement of the enthronement message originally lasted two days according to historical documents, but the reenacted ceremony is limited to one day.
After the enthronement ceremony, a celebration ceremony will be held where the jeongge, or the royal dance and music are performed. The original enthronement ceremony of King Sejong held in August 1418 will be perfectly reenacted based on historical facts, and reorganized to help the audience better understand the ceremony and to make it more interesting

    Date : May 01, 2004  
   Venue : Geunjeongjeon Hall, Gyeongbokgung Palace
   Time : 14:00~16:00
   Details : -The Enthronement Process-
Handover of the royal seal
Abdication announcement: the announcement of King Sejong's enthronement
Government officials congratulate King Sejong's enthronement
Announcement of the enthronement
Celebration ceremony - Performance of royal dance and music
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