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NO : 216 Date : Sep/03/04 11:13
Name : gohomestay/ E-mail : <info@gohomestay.com>
Subject : Yangyang Pine Mushroom Festival
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Yangyang Pine Mushroom Festival to be held in Korea’s representative pine mushroom production sites is a festival centering on pine mushroom, which is known as Òsong-i mushroomÓ in Korea, a mysterious mushroom indigenously grown in the thick and unspoiled forests of Yangyang. During the festival, visitors can enjoy a hands-on experience to observe and pick pine mushrooms, accompanied by a
professional pine mushroom expert guide. During the trip, they can take a stroll and enjoy the clean air of the fresh pine tree forests and the spectacular natural landscape. They can also have an opportunity to taste pine mushroom full of the unique pine tree fragrance. In addition, the festival features a homestay program at pine mushroom farms where people can experience Korea’s countryside life in autumn, as well as a half marathon where participants run along the roads full of pine mushrooms along the Namdaecheon stream surrounded by thick forests. Also, Taksangsadoegi, one of Yangyang’s
traditional folk play, is featured during the festival.

Main Events Mushroom harvest, song-i mushroom treasure hunt, field trips to song-i mushroom sites, song-i mushroom market, street parade, Yangyang traditional folk plays, farm stay.

* Date: Oct.1(Fri.) - Oct.5(Tue.), 2004 (duration: 5days)
* Venue: Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do
* Inquiries and reservations: Department of Tourism and Culture,
                               Yangyang-gun County Office
                               Tel. +82-33-670-2724,
                               Fax. +82-33-670-2733
* Website: http://www.yangyang-gun.gangwon.kr/
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