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NO : 219 Date : Sep/06/04 19:17
Name : gohomestay/ E-mail : <info@gohomestay.com>
Subject : Gimje Horizon Festival
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Gimje Horizon Festival is Korea’s only agricultural culture festival with a theme of the wide horizons of rice paddy fields. The festival serves as an excellent educational site where visitors can experience a variety of traditional rural Korean culture and customs. Through experiencing agrarian culture, the festival will offer both local people and foreigners a chance to truly appreciate nature. It will also provide foreigners with an opportunity to understand and experience Korea’s family-oriented traditional culture and Korean
people’s respect for humans, which has been deeply embedded in Korean tradition and customs.

Main Events: Byeokgolje ritual service, tug-ofwar, rice-harvesting demonstration with mangyeongdeul norae (songs praying for a good
harvest), rural culture experience (homestay at farmhouses), foreigners rice food cooking contest, scarecrowmaking, rice harvesting experience, oxcart ride through the golden rice paddies.

* Date: Oct. 7(Thr.) - Oct.10(Sun.),2004 (duration: 4days)
* Venue: Gimje-si (mainly in Byeokgolje located in Buryang-myeon, Gimje-si)
* Inquiries and reservations: Festival Organizing Committee Tel: +82-63-540-3948
* Website: http://www.egimie.net/(Korea / English)
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