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NO : 220 Date : Sep/07/04 11:40
Name : gohomestay/ E-mail : <info@gohomestay.com>
Subject : 2004 World SamulNori Competiton & Festival
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We are very pleased to inform you our biggest annual '2004 World Samulnori Competition & Festival'.

This festival, since 1989, is for the Samulnorians from all over the world to meet and make friendship. This year, we are planning not only competition but also many concerts and events for the visitors. We hope to see you in YangPyung. Please join and enjoy our programs.

Thank you.

2004 World SamulNori Competition & Festival
Han, Taek-Soo (Chairman)
SamulNori Hanullim Inc.
Ahn, Sook-Sun (Chief Director)
Kim, Duk-Soo (Artistic Director)

* Date : Sep. 17, 2004 ~ Sep. 19, 2004

* Place : Mt. YongMoon (YangPyung, Korea)
           SamulNori Hanullim

Ministry of Culture & Tourism

Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development
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