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NO : 235 Date : Oct/11/04 10:15
Name : gohomestay/ E-mail : <info@gohomestay.com>
Subject : Kimchi Expo 2004
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The New International Star of Health Foods Korean Kimchi: The Excellence of a Time-Honored Tradition In November 2004, the third annual "Kimchi Expo," international festival celebrating Korea's
most popular traditional food, will be hosted by Munhwa Daily News. A lot of consumers, experts, manufacturers, and distributors from home and abroad will gather to enjoy this event. This festival aims at promoting the excellence of Korean Kimchi as a health and diet food to the world as well as exchanging Korean traditional culture with foreign countries. Furthermore, the Kimchi Expo 2004 will also do its best to search for the new marketing strategies to develop the Korean Kimchi industry and its 400 plus Korean Kimchi producers.

* High-quality Presentation : To prepare traditional Kimchi with its 'refined, 1000-year-old taste'
* International status : To make Kimchi the world’s most popular healthful food by introducing scientific evidences that proves the health benefits of Kimchi.
* Time-honored style : To share the Korean traditional culture with citizens of the world and to inform them of the historical significance of this dynamic and versatile food.

* Colorful Events and Exhibitions for the Discovery of Real Kimchi

* Special Exhibitions: Will provide information on all kinds of Kimchi, including its history, preparation, various regional varieties, nutritional content, scientific evidence of its health benefits, traditional and modern storage containers and the present state of the Kimchi industry.
* General Exhibitions: Including presentations of 400 Kimchi producing companies, Kimchi seasonings, kitchen utensils, household appliances, fermented foods, containers, and packaging tools.
* Suppliers Information Sessions: Will provide Kimchi manufacturers with an opportunity to attend the suppliers' information session presented by large Kimchi buyers such as restaurants, hotels, and caterers.
* Familiarize yourself with Kimchi: Introducing the delicious world of Kimchi with lively events such as the Kimchi DIY Festival, the Kimchi Cooking Contest, and various other performances and parades
* International Kimchi Awards: presented by the Munhwa Daily News: Honoring the best in Kimchi production
today: among leading Kimchi manufacturers, renowned Kimchi-producing families and households, and individual Kimchi chefs.

* Period : November 11 - 14, 2004
* Hours : 11:00a.m. - 7:00p.m.
* Venue : AT Center (Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul)
* Website : kimchi.munhwa.com (Kor/Eng/Jpn/Chi)
* Inquiries : Kimchi Expo Office Tel : +82-2-3701-5758~9
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