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NO : 238 Date : Oct/22/04 11:01
Name : gohomestay/ E-mail : <info@gohomestay.com>
Subject : 2004 International Classic Motor Show
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'2004 International Classic Motor show' is going to be held at the Samsung-dong, COEX center in Seoul. More than eighty 'rare and unique'
cars fifty European Classic Cars produced from late 1800s till late 1940s and futuristic concept cars. 2004 ICMS will be the very first automotive 'culture festival' in Asia, and a wide variety of events and programs will be available for visitors at the site. Instead of exhibiting just the 'cars,' 2004 ICMS focuses more on the presentation of the 'history and culture' of world's auto industry.
The exhibition hall will be divided into seven different sections based on the timeline - visitors can easily observe the shifts of 'trends'reflected in automobiles with the costumes and cultural
characteristics of the particular era. There will be many interesting classic cars at ICMS. Especially, the 1929 Mercedes-Benz SSK sports car is worthy of close attention. This 'ultra-rare'model was recently sold at 4.18 million ($ 9.67 million) at a British auction(Bonham). Other classic car 'eye-catchers' such as Vis-•-vis, Bugatti T35(1924/1930), 57C(1938), Delage D8(1929) and Citroen TAV 15CV will also be displayed at the show. In addition to vehicle exhibition,
'surprise events' such as auction for classic cars, classic costume fashion show, and autography signing of 'han ryu' Korean stars will be held at the exhibition hall everyday.

* Date : Monday, December 20, 2004 - Wednesday, January 5, 2005
* Time : 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
* Place : COEX Center Pacific Hall
* Ticket Price
   - 12,000 won for adults
   - 9,000 won for youth age 14~19
   - 5,000 won for youth age 5~13
   - Children 4 under are FREE
* Hosted By : EURO SKY
* Inquiries : TEL (82-2-508-3666) / Fax (82-2-508-3752) / e-mail (master@eurosky.co.kr)
* Homepage: www.classiccar.co.kr
With the Support Of : The Korea National Tourism Organization.
The Embassy of France in Seoul. The European Union Chamber of Commerce in Korea
* Inquiries : The Management "EURO SKY"
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