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NO : 273 Date : Apr/26/05 14:15
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Subject : Fans Come for Open Filming of April Snow
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On Saturday April 23, approximately 2,600 Japanese fans and 500 Korean and Southeast Asian Bae Yong-joon fans crowded Yonsei University’s outdoor theater to watch a shoot for the movie April Snow, which is due to be released simultaneously in Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia in September 2005.  

Japanese fans signed up in March to take part in the event, and all available spots filled up on the first day that travel agencies offered the package. Yonsei University, located in Sinchon, Seoul, is the latest filming location in Korea to become a popular tourist destination.

Fans that weren't able to get seats lined the walkways at Yonsei hoping to catch a glimpse of the Korean Wave star. Posters, t-shirts and other souvenirs were sold outside during the filming, which ran from roughly 3-6 p.m.
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