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Subject : Chuncheon International Mime Festival
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Period :2005-05-23 - 2005-05-29

Address : Chuncheon, Gangwon-do

Join in the Act at the International Mime Festival in Chuncheon, the City of Lakes!
The Chuncheon International Mime Festival held in Chuncheon every year since 1989 has developed the genre of mime through Korea’s traditional festival approach.  Theater groups invited from all over the world attract citizens and tourists with their unique attractions of mime-based, traditional Korean motions and Asian traditions through diverse performances.  Visitors will long remember the unforgettable events including the goblin plays, which are performed in the downtown area all through the night.

[Major Events]
Performances by theater groups from Korea and abroad, street parades, goblin plays, mime workshops, etc.

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Local Transportation
Seoul –> Chuncheon (1 hour and 50 minutes by train, 1 hour and 40 minutes by bus)  

[Detailed Info.]
Venue: performing arts Hall,amphitheaters and downtown Chuncheon in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do
Inquiries: Culture and Tourism Section, Chuncheon, Gangwon-do Tel: +82-33-250-3541 / Fax: +82-33-250-3357 / E-mail: ccw2183@hanmail.net
Related Websites: http://www.mimefestival.com (Korean)
http://www.iccn.co.kr/zz_iccn/english/WEHOME.html (English)
Accommodations: Sejong Tourist Hotel (1st Class) (Tel: +82-33-252-1194, www.chunchonsejong.co.kr: 65 guest rooms) Bears Town Tourist Hotel (1st Class) (Tel: +82-33-256-2530: 78 guest rooms)
Nearby Tourist Attractions: Gugok Pokpo Waterfall, Munbae Village, Deungseon Pokpo Waterfall, Mt. Samaksan, Cheongpyeongsa Temple, Namido Island, Gangchon Village, Soyangho Lake, etc.
Tourism Information: Gangwon-do Tourist Information Center +82-33-244-0088(Eng,Kor,Chn,Jpn),
Chunchon-si Travel Information Center: +82-33-250-3322(Eng,Kor,Chn,Jpn),
Chuncheon International Mime Festival +82-33-242-0585(Kor)
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