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NO : 318 Date : Jun/11/11 14:37
Name : Manager/-- E-mail : <info@homestay.com>
Subject : World Taekwondo Culture Expo
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Period  : 07.08.2011 ~ 07.13.2011  

Address  : Jeollabuk-do Muju-gun  
Location : Muju-gun Area (Muju Dome Stadium and Muju Resort)
Telephone : • 1330 tt call center: +82-63-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-63-250-8350-2 (Korean only)


The Taekwondo Culture Expo: where dreams, friendship, the spirit of youth and the future of Taekwondo all meet under one roof.

The Expo is the representative festival of Taekwondo athletes and takes place in the home of Taekwondo—Muju and Jeonju in Jeollabuk-do Province, Korea. Programs include not only Taekwondo competitions (Pumsae—movement, Gyeorugi—sparring, Taekwondo aerobics), but also Taekwondo performances, cultural activities and sightseeing tours of Muju, Buan and Jeonju. These colorful events are presented in order to give international Taekwondo practitioners a chance to learn more about the culture of Jeollabuk-do province and Korea as a whole.

If you wish to attend the Expo, please register via mail, fax, or email, or online at (www.wtcexpo.net)(Korean, English)
Please check the website for application period.


* July 8, 2011: Arrival & registration
* July 9, 2011: Taekwondo seminar, Muju-gun tour, opening ceremony &
* July 10, 2011: Taekwondo seminar, Jeollabuk-do tour
* July 11, 2011: Taekwondo competition (Poomsae (movement), one-on-one duel, board breaking), Jeollabuk-do tour, leaders’ dinner
* July 12, 2011: Taekwondo match ‘A’ (Poomsae, duel), Jeollabuk-do tour, closing ceremony & farewell party, evaluation
* July 13, 2011: Departure

* Korean cultural experience programs
1) Ministry for Food: Korean dish making, Jeonju bibimbap tasting (Location: Jeonju Gymnasium)
2) Traditional culture: Traditional village visits, Korean folk games, rice cake making, wish paper flying
3) Folk performances: Samulnori (traditional percussion quartet), talchum (mask dance)

※ Programs are subject to change.

Admission/Participation Fees : $150 / 180,000 won

Additional Events

Taekwondo Award Photo Zone, Caricature and Face Painting, etc.

How to Particpate

* Reception Office : World Taekwondo Culture EXPO Organizing Committee
* Method of Application : Mail, FAX, E-mail, Website (www.wtcexpo.net)
-Address : (Postal Code : 561-807)
405, 1283-2, Deokjin-gu 1ga, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do, Korea
「World Taekwondo Culture EXPO Organizing Committee」
- Tel : +82-63-250-8350-2 / Fax : +82-63-278-7024 / E-mail: wtce2013@hanmail.net
* Deadline for application : from May 1, 2011 to May 31, 2011

Transportation  : 1) Muju Dome Stadium
Muju Dome Stadium is opposite Muju Intercity Bus Terminal.
2) Muju Resort : Take a Shuttle bus from Muju Intercity Bus Terminal to Muju Resort.
Fax : +82-63-250-8354
Homepage : www.wtcexpo.net (Korean, English)
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