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A happy and warm family with hospitality who holds at least a vacant room for guest(s)
(Size doesn't matter)

General Facts
The family certified by SN Global Co.,Ltd are admitted to attract foreign tourists, in the process of such activities on line, warning may be given to the family in case guests file a complaint against homestay more than twice. Then, the host is advised to attend the re-training program in order to be released from the sanctions

Various Rates apply, depending on the size and type of housing, communication ability

Orientation / Seminar (5 hrs for the 1st half year & 5 hrs for the 2nd half year)
Regular seminar is held twice an year and additional training on request or if necessary

The Order of Priority
Family who¡¦
-1. fulfills visitor's needs
-2. is in possessive of traditional curiosity or cultural antique
-3. gets high marks after documents are screened during the training course
-4. hosts fewer visitors than others

* This program is designed and provided for Korean host for the time being. Gradually, international program is due to be offered in the near future.

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