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Must my traveling companion be a member of Gohomestay.com ?
No, but your traveling companion must adhere to the rules of gohomestay.com and this is your responsibility.
Why do you ask for so much information on the application form?
We try to match hosts and guests to have affinity and common interests, which leads to enhanced travel experiences and communication. To do this we need data for both host and guest. Many of the fields in the application form are optional, and applicants choose whether to complete them or not.
When I host guest members, am I required to show them around my city, meet them at the airport or take them to the airport?
No. guests are responsible for all their own transport. You must provide clear directions to your home, or you may choose to meet them or show them around. This is your choice or what you agreed.
Why do I need to provide feedback?
Your feedback allows us to reward good hosting and good guesting.
It also allows us to rate hosts and guests.
It helps to keep gohomestay running smoothly by canceling the memberships of those who do not comply with the rules.
How often can I make a booking?
It is recommend that both Host and Guest be able to do booking through our Guest/Host list,
Who qualifies for membership?
Host   - You must be willing to spend some time with visitors to your area.
Guest - You must be willing and are able to accommodate related visitors for agreed period.
Can I change my details?
Yes - and it's free. A good idea if you are not getting the response you hoped for or if your preferences or details have changed - click here.
Are my details safe?
Your personnel details will never be disclosed to a third party. We offer a secure registration form or the option to post or fax your details. Your name, preferences and contact details are obviously available for public viewing so the homeowner can select you
During Traveling & Staying
Is gohomestay only for travel to a foreign country?
Yes, basically for all international, but gohomestay is able to go for required local travel as well in terms of host and guest 's agreement.
Can you guarantee accommodations at my chosen travel destinations at times that I require?
No. We are building our membership base rapidly but there are locations where we need more members. There are also certain locations where we have no members and are unlikely to recruit any. There are also times when all available accommodation for the duration of an event will be taken by members arranging their accommodation early.
Do I have to pay for electricity, phone, etc?
This is solely between you and the home owner and should be agreed upon in writing beforehand. As a guide, for a short sit of 1 - 2 months, you should pay for your food and phone calls. For a longer sit, you should pay for the electricity, etc, that you use. You are, after all, getting free rent.
What if I am not satisfied with my host family ?
Please report us immediately whatever reason you have. And you will be able to find another host family on our host list. If you don't like homestay any longer, you will ask a full refund of the lodging fee less the fee for the nights you stayed.
How can I extend my stay at a particular homestay?
If you decide to extend your stay before leaving home, you check directly with your hosts for prices and availability.
Will hosts help me arrange local tours?
Many hosts may provide brochures or maps about local tours and attractions, and are happy to assist you with any booking enquiries.
Can we be picked up from the airport?
Many hosts offer airport or bus terminal or subway station pick-ups. You can make an appointment with your hosts before leaving.
Can I join hosts for meals?
Many hosts are happy to provide lunch or dinner for you in terms of mutual agreement before leaving. You can always check with the hosts on arrival about meals offered and cost involved.
Are there any curfew times?
If your accommodation has a separate guest's entry or your hosts have given you a key to the house, there will be no curfew times. However, if hosts need to open the door for you, make sure you have agreed on the time you are likely to be back. Hosts tend to be rather flexible in this respect and usually there are no scheduled curfew times.
What can be done if we have complaints about the accommodation?
First thing you would be to talk to your hosts. They are committed to make you feel comfortable and will endeavor to improve the situation.
What happens if my arrival is delayed?
Your hosts know your estimated arrival time and will be there to greet you on arrival. If you are arriving much later, try to notify hosts as soon as possible. If you have had no opportunity to contact them, and they are out on your arrival, look for a message. After all, you should have hosts' contact details for preparing such a case.
Generally speaking, since your stay has been paid in advance, you don't need to worry about your room being let to another party in the meantime. Hosts will hold your booking even if you are more than 24 hours late. On the other hand, there will be no refund for the stay that you have missed.
What happens if we don't meet the hosts on arrival?
This is a very unlikely event, since the hosts have been notified of your arrival time and have confirmed the booking. However, if worst comes to worst you can contact Gohomestay and we'll do our best to help you on. If we can't get hold of your hosts within a reasonable time, we try to introduce an alternative accommodation nearby, if available.
Do I need to reconfirm my accommodation?
Normally, No. After you have Host's contact details, there is no need to reconfirm a booking, since your stay has already been agreed. However, If your planned arrival time changes, it may be a good idea to let your hosts know for reconfirming.
Can we learn conversational other languages during traveling?
We think so. If you are interesting of learning different languages during traveling, just ask for your host or guest. They are willing to teach for free. It is nice experience.
Can we use the refrigerator?
Yes, along with others. Please see the condition of on the host's preparation.
Is laundry service included with room fee?
Yes. but just confirm on the services by host.
I follow strict dietary practice. Are we able to recommend hosts who follow similar dietary practice such as food for guest?
Yes. If necessary, the application (remarks) written by hosts can be referred (it is not mandatory), but this is not always available and members planning to travel must then decide what they want to do.
I am over 80 and would like to be a host or guest. Do you think my age is a problem ?
Of course not! There is no age limit for a homestay exchange, provided you are motivated, you really want to share your way of life with your exchange friend and are fit to travel.
What is events?
As our friends get more friends, we could make various events for all of you. Please refer to our events menu " Global and Event Festival".
Principle and Practice
Do you have a service charge?
Yes, we have a membership fee of US$ ( ) for a homestay placement to give you a service through our web-site whatever hosts and guest whatever you wanted. Once you pay it, you would get a membership of Gohomestay for all your life, conditioning the fee is not refundable.
When do I pay for lodging fee?
You're expected to pay your host the whole amount of lodging fee upon your arrival or in advance. However, if you stay more than one month, you may pay for the first month on day of your arrival and pay for the next month on the first day of that month and so on.
How can I make a booking?
It is most likely that you will be able to make your booking through our on-line internet database . Once your journey has started, you can always contact your host by e-mail, fax or phone under the numbers provided to enquire about further bookings.
Is credit-card payment safe on the internet?
We will use a secure server procedure for your credit card payment. This means that all data is transmitted encoded in a way that only we are able to decode the information. Many banks use the same procedure for their internet transactions.
Is there any benefit staying a longer time?
Yes, if you stay longer than one month, your total lodging fee will be discounted by your host.
Are there any other costs to be incurred?
A booking with a certain host usually covers the stay in a room for the nominated number of persons and includes breakfast. Optional services like airport pick-ups or additional meals have to be paid directly to the hosts once you are there.
How do I join in gohomestay for guest or host?
Guest - Just click here.
Host - Just click here
How can I believe a person I have not met yet?
Yes, you're right. It's very hard to believe someone you don't know. We do not stress you to believe someone. It just depends on your will. So we hope to recommend that you should make sure before you visit somewhere or invite someone.
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