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Who utilizes Homestay?
Benefits of Homestay
What should Host Prepare
Homestay is basically similar to the so-called "B&B (Bed & Breakfast) popularized in United Kingdom and is a safe and affordable housing for Guests.

Foreigners do not need to stay in a hotel or other similar facilities spending lots of money when they travel or need to live for a while in other countries or cities, but instead dwell in a Host home at low cost, where they are able to learn different culture, enjoy family-like comforts, have experience of various activities than a hotel.

Homestay, therefore, can be named "Culture - Travel" and this type of staying is so popular in many a developed country that people look forward to becoming Guests or Hosts in Homestay.

You stay in a neighborhood's home in a cozy atmosphere and become a member of the family, even not noticing it, which brings you the most valuable and unforgettable memory in your whole lifetimes.

Homestay is an especially attractive form of accommodation for stays that range from a few weeks to several months.

Homestay can be utilized by participate of Hosts & Guests
Homestay can be selected as a method of staying in foreign countries in many different reasons in accordance with Guest's purpose of travel or living there.
The International tourists may be the first major Guests.
The International students who wish to attend language school, business school, colleges and universities will be potential Guests.
The participants in an international festival, event, exhibition and so on, including businessmen will be possible Guests.
The holiday workers who want to have a job in foreign country during holidays might be expected as Guests.
Also Hosts can be typically classified, in view of Host family member as couple with no children, families with young children, families with teenage children, retired couples, a single person with spare accommodations.
Above all benefits from homestay, the first one that we may think of will be making friends regardless of nationality, religion, race, cultural difference, political objection and so on.
We can understand each other, experience each other's culture and habit and learn different languages through friendship.

Secondly you can be exposed to various ways of life, whoever you are, Guest or Host, through which you can be more ripened in mental degree and consequently fertilize your voyage of life.

Together with the above spiritual satisfaction, you can obtain commercial benefits.
As a Guest, you can make your trip, attending school, business trip, etc. very economical, while as a Host; you can enjoy extra-income helping your family cost.

Gohomestay.com is an international network of homestay. Our listings are very detailed and it is useful information to find a proper homestay area and working place whatever you wanted and planned.

You must be one who respects the other's way of thinking and life from foreign country.
It is also recommendable that you have the character of being fond of meeting new people, talking with them, explaining what the GUEST want to know about and helping people with generosity.
If you are a person of curiosity as to other culture and language, it will be helpful to be a Host.

In addition to your mental attitude as a Host, you should speak at least a foreign language and need to consider the below facility equipped at your home:
Spare accommodations
Cleaning of linens & towel
Private or shared bathroom (Hot water supply) including towels
Washing machine
Meals (Continental breakfast and dinner, if agreed) or kitchen privileges to prepare meals
Airport pick-up & tour guide (Optional) services etc.
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