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  • NO : 12 Date : Sep/11/05 22:37
    Name : Shelley/Jung E-mail :
    Subject : Pleace Read this :(
    My name is Shelley. And I have a friend that is a exchange student right now. She had some miss understanding with the host family (who lives in Oregon) they said to the exchange student company people that they couldn't have a guest for right now, but my friend didn't knew that and she just came to Oregon! She didn't have any place to stay so she called her mom and found the next avalible host family in Pennsylvania. From Oregon to Pennsylvania, is really far away, but there was no choice for her so she bought a ticket for PA. But she really wants to come back to Oregon.
    So if there is any body who lives in Beaverton, Oregon or in Portland.
    Pleace send me a e-mail! My friend is just 16years old and she is a Korean.
    My e-mail address is shells87@hotmail.com Pleace contact me asap! :)
    Thank you for reading this :)

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