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Programs of Templestay
* Early Morning Ceremony
- Early in the morning, usually around 3 am, every monk and other people in the temple gather in the Main
Buddha Hall and have a Dharma ceremony. this magnificent chanting ceremony clears all dust form your mind
and all stray thoughts from your head.

* Cham-seon (Zen meditation)
- Seon is a Korean word for Buddhist meditation. It is also called Zen(Japan) or Chan(China). Korea has
become the leading country of Seon tradition. While you stay in the temple, you will be offered chances to do
Seon meditation and search for your "Original Nature"

* Dado (Tea Ceremony)
- Most Asian countries have a tea culture, but the tea ceremony followed in Korean temples is unique for its
refinement and etiquette. This can also be seen as a way of connecting practice with our everyday lives.

* Bal-woo Gong-yang (Buddhist traditional meal with 4 bowls)
- It is a unique and special method of eating in Buddhism. Bal-woo means bowls containing a moderate
amount, and can also be referred to as monks eating style. With Bal-woo, you eat only vegetables.
It follows Buddhist rules for all sentient being. Having a meal, you can refresh your mind to be appreciative for
the whole environment.

* Temple Tour
- Most Korean temples have hundreds of yours of tradition. Every little pagoda or structure of each temple or
hall has been formed in consideration of Buddha's teaching. You will receive the deep meaning of the temple
and what the Buddha taught information of each temple. It also includes mountain hiking to hermitage.

* Special Programs
- Special programs that are offered by some temples include: Sutra printing, Buddhist Dance, making lotus
lanterns, Buddhist Martial Arts and folk games.

Program of Templelife
Jogyesa temple in Seoul provides a Templelife program for the participants who have a limited time for Templestay program. It only lasts 3 hour and a half, but it includes the essence of Templestay program.

10:00 Orientation (basic temple manners/ brief introduction of Korean Buddhism)
10:40 Meditation (walking and sitting meditation guided by Sunim-Monk or nun)
11:30 Bal-woo Gong-yang
12:30 Dado with Sunim (Q&A about Buddhism)
13:10 Tour of Jogyesa Temple
13:30 Closing Ceremony

This programs are held on following days:
June 26/ July 24/ August 28/ September 25/ October 30/ November 27

*** This program can be arranged any time and any temple for group request!

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