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Welcome to gohomestay.com, which provides worldwide homestay network for our valuable members.We have two kinds of membership - a free membership and a full membership.

The free members are able to register and add their offers, ads and their contact information for free. In addition, these members can have access to all the criteria in gohomestay.com. However, they are not permitted to have access to other members' contact details such as homestay host and guest list.

The full members.

You may make selection of one of the following options to being offered on-line. You are qualified to grasp full benefits right after joining our web site.

You are supposed to have unlimited access to the full details of the database of gohomestay.com for the contract period as of the first day of your joining. You will be able to have a good look at the contact information of the registered members, so you may get in immediate contact with them without any intervention. .

Gohomestay.com supplies our valuable members with a huge range of information concerning Homestay, Studying overseas, ESL teacher recruit, Working Holiday and so forth. The information of its related business - accommodation, tourism, head hunting and education - helps you develop your own business and expand the scope of it.

Based on our database, a number of homestay host listings posted give concrete ideas of homestay rates. Moreover, you can infer your homestay tariff rate without being consulted.

All members will be able to post their offers and search without any obstruction. Every member also can edit his or her posting by him/her self. All listed information will be controlled and protected under the providers' regulation.

We do hope you understand our policies and would like to recommend every member should keep his/her information in this site whenever necessary. All members must follow the policy as described below:

1. Your payment is not refundable.

2. To share your ID with others is not permitted.

3. To protect your ID and PASSWORD is your responsibility.

4. In case that Your ID is exposed to third party, please inform us promptly.

We will delete your personal profile and then give you a new ID & Password instantly.
Your frequent visit and huge interest in our site, therefore, shall be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Members Managements Team

SN Global Co., Ltd.


Account Name : SN Global Co., Ltd.

Account Number : Industrial Bank of Korea(Seo - Yoido Branch) : 221-127636-56-00011
Kookmin Bank (Trade Center Corporation Branch) : 071668-03-100011

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