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1. Fill out on-line application form
2. Make sure you check out your listing on line witin 12 hours
3. Prepae a contract document in Englist
4. Get a recommendation for a teacher
5. Have an interview with him/her
6. Make an agreement with him/her
7. Reserve a flight and pay for ahalf of commission
8. Make up documents required for E-2 visa and apply for visa certification
9. Obtain a visa letter and send it to him/her
10. Pick him/her up at an airport and pay for the rest of commission

Please fill out our on-line application form and send us the following supporting documents.
- Your Bachelors degree (minimum requirement), or a copy notarized by the Korean consulate (must be notarized by Korean consulate-other copies will not be accepted).
Send by express mail or fax: Address/fax no. any major, NO TESOL Certificate required
Note: If you do not send the original or a notarized copy, your "approval for E2 visa" letter will be delayed. You must then bring the original with you to Korea (see "visa application" below).
-Resume. Send by Fax -Cover letter. Send by Fax
-4 color passport sized photos.(by DHL) -Copy of current Passport. (by fax, email or DHL)

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