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 Keum-San sa
Keum-San Sa is one of the grandest Buddhist temples in Korea and its characteristics are intimately related to the Maitreya Bodhisattva. One of the special structures in Keum-San Sa is the stone stairway located on the north hill, named "Pangdeung Gyedan"; it means "the stairway of equal and impartial teachings of the Buddha". "Pangdeung Gyedan" is decorated with nine exquisitely carved dragons symbolizing a story of the Buddha's birth, in which the dragons washed the baby Buddha with their sacred and fragrant water.
 Seon-un sa
Sun-un Sa is famous for the beautiful natural environments, deep valleys, rocks, and about 500 to 600 years old camelia woods. And Sun-un Sa has the wild tea field, 15 thousand pyung(1 pyung is about 4 square yards). Sun-un Sa is the temple of Maitreya Buddha and Jijang Bodhisattva (Bodhisattva of Hell). On the ceiling of the Main Dharma Hall, there is a great art work which is the painting of a group of dragons in the clouds. Sun-un Sa belongs to Chontae Order.
 Nae-so sa
Nae-So Sa, on Pyunsan Peninsula, is one of the most well known Buddhist temples, whose beautiful vistas with clean mountains and sea are very famous along the western sea of Korea. Nae-So Sa has traditional buildings valuable in Korean Buddhist arts. Especially the wooden "Daewoong-Bojeon (the main Buddha hall)" is famous not only for its unique architectural techniques but also for its inner artistic sculptures and lattices with shapes of chrysanthemums and lotus flowers. In addition you will be impressed by the 600 meter long path with fir trees from the temple entrance to the "Chunwang-Mun (guardians' gate)"
If you wish to have more information of Korean Templestay,
please send us e-mail or fax (+82-2-6092-8150).
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